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 The One Woman Show

live looping with many different instruments

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Hailing from West Austria, Magdalena Grabher is a mixture of new technology and traditional song-writing.

The word 'multi-tasking' takes on a whole new meaning while watching her performance. She sings, plays different instruments whilst operating the loop station, building up a whole song with beats and harmonies and all this right before your eyes.

Completely self-composed, her songs have shades of soul, jazz and world music but with a totally different feel, as it’s just one person on the stage making the beautiful noise of a whole band!

This special one-woman show draws everyone in, no matter which aspect you like – there is something here for everyone!

She enters new musical territory that both fascinates and astounds.


The debut album GREY DRESS was released in April 2017

Due to the Covid pandemic, the musician played an online show for her audience instead of going on a European tour at the end of March 2020 and presented her second album - 'Find Out' was published online on the 30th of November 2020






'Find Out'
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Find Out - Album Cover : magdalena grabh
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Through the unique and complex way in which Magdalena uses her loop station on stage she really draws her audience into her performance. Her aim, through her music, is to open people up emotionally, to inspire them and awaken their own creativity. For the second time she has taken this process into a recording studio. Working in the studio environment offered the time to develop new ideas and sounds which has resulted in the distinctive style of the album. Her songs don’t follow the traditional format of verse and chorus – Magdalena follows her own path.







Music Video Release on the 28th of March instead of the Tour Start
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Find Out - TOUR CANCELLED - will be postponed
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Support Of Jarle Bernhoft Show
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Schermafbeelding 2018-04-30 om 11.35.51
Die Neue
CD Launch // Vienna
Leipzig@Werk 2, Kulturbühne




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Szene Openair Lustenau (A)

29th of July 21

Anstatt-Fest / Lindau (GER)

10th of July 21

Alive Festival / Fußach (A)

29th of Aug 20

TIK / Dornbirn (A) CANCELLED

27th of March 20

Living Room Concert / Hilden (GER) CANCELLED


4th of April 20

Offene Bühne / Feldkirch (A)

27th of July 21

Loop / Vienna (A) CANCELLED

10th of Dez 20

Poolbar / Feldkirch (A)

28th of Aug 20

Songwriter Club / Basel (CH)


2nd of April 20

House Session / Hilversum (NLD) CANCELLED


5th of April 20

Landesgartenschau Lindau (GER)

28th of Aug 21

TIK / Dornbirn (A) CANCELLED

26th of Nov 20

Pro&Kontra / Hohenems (A)


28th of Mar 20

The Garden House / Bruchsal (GER) CANCELLED


29th of Aug 20

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